• Individual and collective responsibility
    We believe that both individuals and society as a whole share in the responsibility to inform the public, to remove the barriers to life-long learning and the stigma associated with low literacy levels.

  • Excellence
    We are committed to promoting the highest standards of programs and services that meet the continued education needs and expectations of the community.

  • Creativity
    As an organization we encourage and support innovative ideas and new ways of doing things that are responsive to changing attitudes and needs in the community.

Our Values

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  • Social justice
    We believe that social justice includes a commitment to a basic sense of fairness, a respect for differences among people, and that every human being deserves an equal opportunity in life. We recognize that literacy is a basic social value.

  • Partnership
    Partnership is dependent upon shared values and the co-operative efforts of all those working towards a responsive and accessible learning framework. We are comitted to sharing, and view participation and partnership as essential to realizing the goal of life-long learning. We behave in a way that trust is preserved.

  • Self-determination
    We respect differences among people and the right of every individual and community to make choices and decisions based on unique individual beliefs and community norms. Basic to this right of self-determination is the need of people to be involved in decisions that affect their lives. We recognize the right of everyone in Southeastern New Brunswick to improve their literacy skills and enjoy quality of life.